Promoting workplace health and well-being is a priority at Plantrich.  And inoculation is the need of the hour in India. Combining the two, we facilitated a voluntary Covid 19 vaccination drive, for all our team members on June 2nd, 2021. We coordinated with the efficient and helpful health workers of  Meenadom Primary Health Centre. Kerala Health Department extended us all support to ensure that the 1st dose vaccination programme was realized unobtrusively. The 2nd dose is scheduled for August 24th, 2021. Registering for the vaccines, scheduling without any lag and hindrance- free vaccination was completed with clockwork precision, thanks to crisp teamwork with service-minded health professionals.

We took great care to maintain stringent Covid protocol during the entire project. Our team members being educated and motivated on its importance didn’t need to be reminded to maintain social distance, wear masks or use soap and hand sanitiser. Everyone was in high spirits and looking forward to being vaccinated. Our coordinators had planned everything meticulously in advance. All was in order- including necessary documentation, transportation arrangement and appointment at the health centre. In batches of 10, all 35 team members were vaccinated, fulfilling their role to safeguard themselves, the community and the country. Everyone including factory workers, frontline staff and administrators took the initiative, bringing about a greater sense of group morale.

Starting at 11.00 am, within just two hours, by 1.00 pm, the 1st dose of Covishield was completed. Covishield is approved by the World Health Organization (WHO ). It is developed by Oxford- AstraZeneca and manufactured by the Serum Institute of India. As a conscientious employer, it’s important for us to encourage long term protection for our Plantrich team, just as we promote long term healthy customer relations. We created a policy for worker vaccination facilitation, and this drive was a step towards honouring our top commitment towards the safety and well being of our employees. The health centre workers too helped to answer queries and assay any concerns regarding Covid 19 and how to stay safe. They reiterated that a strong immune system is a great defence, against the virus’ effect. We urged the frontline health workers to receive a token of our gratitude. We gave them our immunity booster drink, to appreciate them for the life-saving work they continue to perform.

After the vaccination, no one displayed any possible side effects like pain or fever. The doctors and nurses were ever vigilant to monitor any uneasiness during the 30- minute post-vaccination observation period. After being satisfied with the positive outcome of the vaccination, the doctors permitted us to return. We were advised to continue adhering to the Covid protocol even after both the vaccination doses. All of us were only too glad to concur, for the greater good. One small step for an individual, a giant leap for society! The team returned jubilant with renewed optimism, to work better together.

We represent the organic food manufacturing industry, constantly conscious about good health practices. As the leader of a homegrown agribusiness, Plantrich CEO Mr. Bijumon Kurien recognizes that is imperative to lead by example to create a positive work culture.  When he took the lead, it was an inspiration to team members to be unanimous in their understanding about the need and importance of Covid vaccination. During such turbulent times, being engaged in work restores a modicum sense of normalcy. When the entire team is  vaccinated, everyone feels confident too. As essential food service workers, everyone was driven by a sense of personal responsibility towards our partners and customers too. We have a new moniker for ourselves- Covid Warriors! And we wear it on our sleeve with pride.

During uncertain times,  Plantrich has taken the initiative to step forward and do the right thing. As a prominent member of the business community, we wholeheartedly leverage our influence to inspire others to take similar affirmative action in the fight against Covid 19. We do not limit our health-enrichment interventions to this activity only. Plantrich management is enthusiastic to walk the talk. Throughout the pandemic situation, we have been happy to extend support and distribute protective kits to our farming communities. We have eased deadlines and targets for Plantrich family members so that they may spend time with their families at home. We believe that together we can! Let’s spread the word and stay united for healthy living.

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