Varsha’s Testimonial

“I am Varsha (Varsha means ‘Rain’), pursuing Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, with Civil Service At St. Teresa’s College, Cochin, ( City in Kerala). I reside at Nettithizhu, a small farming village of High ranges. My father has been a MASS member for the past 15 years. MASS awarded me scholarships for both O- Levels and A- Levels. It empowered my continuing higher education. During Covid times, MASS ensures that all members are taken care of Children’s Scholarship and Farmer’s Bonus eased the financial burden. What an encouragement for us students! Three cheers to Team MASS, Mr Biju Mon, President and the Board Members! Thank you”

Run up to the world day against Child labour

2021 is the UN-designated International Year for the Elimination of Child Labour. Much progress was made in eradicating child labour, till Covid struck. Let’s collectively step up to give back to children their childhood.
A firm advocate of ethical business practices, Plantrich policy is aligned to preventing child labour. As a Fairtrade Producer and Exporter, we actively support Fairtrade’s commitment to ILO for The Year for the Elimination of Child Labour, 2021.
Plantrich is proud that our projects and activities have generated much momentum in the Fairtrade supply chain. We present our many collaborative initiatives towards ending child labour.

38 Responses

    1. Its really encouraging to see the benifits for farmers and their children,which they got from both MASS & Plantrich.
      Its inspiring us all to strive forward no matter the circumstances.

  1. In this Covid situation Its really a great back support given by MASS unit
    Really Appreciable and Hats off to all team of Plantrich.

  2. This initiative deserves great appreciation. Looking forward to see more activities from Plantrich.

  3. In this pandemic days its a great support to framers and their children to go ahead with positive thoughts…so inspiring …Kudos to team mass and plantrich

  4. Nice efforts NBA great step against child labour. Good job n kudos to all the team members. Keep going. All the best

  5. The initiatives of Children’s Scholarship and Farmer’s Bonus extended to the Farmers and their children during the ongoing pandemic by Team Mass and Plantrich is indeed praiseworthy – All the best to Plantrich and Mass to continue this noble act of empowering the Farmers and their children.

  6. It is not new most of the food industries has been doing it even quiet long time back to meet the standards. And also the standard mentioned is just a preliminary and it has modified to many bevels which is high standard than this….

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