4 Healthy Snacks for FIFA World Cup 2018

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4 Healthy Snacks for FIFA World Cup 2018

As the world is getting ready for the final match of FIFA World Cup 2018, do not forget your tummy’s cravings during the match. Keep yourself stocked with easy snacks to munch on during the game. When France and Croatia play the tough match against each other, you would want something that gives you ample energy to shout and cheer for your favourite team.

Our dietician has prepared 4 healthy snacks that are easy to prepare, takes very little time and few ingredients. Medics say that mostly after every match, the routine blood tests show high levels of sugar or cholesterol content. Keeping this in mind, these 4 snacks are perfect for your health as well as taste buds.

1. Fried Paneer Cashew Salad

This easy homemade recipe is a complete energy booster filled with nutritious veggies. The best thing about this Stir Fried Paneer Cashew Salad is the availability and different ways it can be prepared. You can add sprouted green gram or different types of vegetables. Cheer your favourite team with this healthy recipe. Read more

2. Baked Spicy Cashew Snack
This oven roasted cashew snack is perfect to munch on during the match. One cannot stop munching on these even after the match is over. Though cashews have high fat content, baking the cashews reduces the risk of this fat content. Try our Baked Spicy Cashew Snack. Read more

3. Pepper Spiced Cashew Snack

This spicy cashew recipe with a fried texture is easy to prepare. With a perfect blend of spiciness and saltiness this cashew nuts will be loved by all ages, so don’t expect it to last for a long time. You can cheer your favourite team with this amazingly delicious snack. Read more

4. Chocolate Coffee Beans

This is an excellent recipe and easy to prepare with just two ingredients. Despite the fact that the game will take off your sleep, these chocolate coffee beans that are full of caffeine will give you a high dose of energy to cheer as your favourite team gets a goal, this post.  You can create variations of this recipe and be creative to stand out in your small game watcher party. Read more

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