6 Ways to Beat Plastic Pollution at your Office

6 Ways to Beat Plastic Pollution at your Office

Plastic – the hot topic which is discussed every day and how to beat the plastic pollution.  When world celebrates the World Environment day 2018 with its #beattheplasticpollution theme, as residents on planet earth, we should ponder over ways to beat the plastic pollution and reduce the use of plastic in our everyday life. Most of the foods we buy at the grocery stores are packed into plastic packaging, not to mention the even organic food is wrapped with a fine plastic layer to keep it fresh and to prevent it from the contamination. See more info at action ac.

Most of the items we use in our day-to-day life are made of plastic starting from the toothbrush to the sandals we wear or even our tuck boxes. We take conscious efforts to reduce usage of plastic in our own homes. A few of us who are aware try practicing it in their day-to-day life, though no one has thought of reducing the usage of plastic at their office spaces.

Reducing usage of plastic at the office might seem like impossibility; however, these simple tricks would help beat the plastic pollution offices create.

  1. Stop using decorative planters.

Look around your office space for old coffee mugs, canteen vessels, drinking glasses or wooden crates which brought your electric cables. Don’t throw them away, upcycle it and get your employees to use their creative painting skills to adorn it as a decorative planter at your office corner space.

Bring your own coffee mugs

Encourage your employees to bring their own coffee mugs to the office or providing your employees with reusable coffee mugs made of glass or porcelain. Providing glass water bottles and coffee mugs can enhance your efforts to smother single-use plastic cups and bottles in the office.

  1. Install an earthen water pot

Ban the use of single-use plastic cups or plastic water can dispensers. Install an Earthen water pot, so that the employees can fill drinking glasses and reusable bottles.  We can also utilize the luxury of the delicious fresh water through an easily accessible common tap using the glass water bottles.


  1. Set up a tuck shop

Setting up a tuck shop/canteen in your office is a great way to influence what snacks are eaten and can also have an audit on the plastic packaging that gets trashed. This would help promote organic food habits and healthy living as well. You can replace plastic bottles with cans, and plastic packaged sweets and crisps with healthy home-baked goods while setting up your tuck shop.

  1. Use cardboard or eco-friendly products for packaging

Encourage your suppliers or employees to shift to the usage of eco-friendly packaging materials. This can be a challenge to maintain freshness and shelf life for food products or perishable goods. Suppliers or packaging department or employees should be advised to use less packaging material in such circumstances.

  1. Award “the best eco-friendly employee”

Encourage your employees to reduce the usage of plastic, use organic food routine and practice zero plastic lifestyles. Inorder to keep them motivated, honor them with the “the Best Eco-friendly employee” of the month the best workers compensation lawyer in sacramento. Rewarding them as well as sharing their photographs on these eco-friendly practices on your newsletters, blogs or websites will spread the message and also encourage others to practice a similar lifestyle.

So, there you have it, 6 ways to beat plastic pollution at your office.

Do you have any other tips to avoid plastic in your daily life? We would love to hear them! Write a comment and share your valuable tips with us and other readers.

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