About Us

Plantrich Agritech Private Limited

Plantrich Agritech Private Limited, established in 1997, is one of the best organic spices manufacturer, exporter and wholesale spices supplier from the state of Kerala, which rests in the valley of Western Ghats in India. Working towards empowering organic farmers and closing the gender gap in agriculture by providing financial independence to women spice farmers, Plantrich’s motto is based on humanity and quality of life.

By providing more than 5,000 farmers from the biodiversity-rich high ranges of Kerala with a premium price compared to local market prices for the herbs, spices, tropical dried fruits, cocoa beans, coffee beans, coconut products and various other organic agricultural produce, Plantrich promotes women exclusive clusters in crop production, especially coffee and spices, as a part of the women empowerment programme. As much as valuing organic food, Plantrich values the efforts of organic farmers. Direct procurement from organic farmers ensures traceability and transparency in the product supply chain and eliminates the role of middlemen who exploit them, which is why Plantrich has emerged as the leading organic spices manufacturer, exporter and wholesale spices supplier in India.

Equipped by a model organic farm, a sustainability training centre, a world-class spice processing factory, new product development centre and quality control lab, Plantrich educates the rural farming community to produce high-quality organic-certified spices using latest local technologies in a cost-effective manner.

For the past two decades, Plantrich has been exporting Fairtrade, organic-certified products to the US, European Union and Australia.

Our Vision

To seamlessly supply top- quality organic food to the world and enrich lives of the global communities in which we serve.

Our Mission

Promote sustainable agribusiness locally and globally.

Leverage cutting edge innovations, to develop eco- friendly solutions.

Fulfil world class food safety and hygiene practices.

Manifest diversity and inclusion within our team.

Create value and build life- time customer relationships.

Accelerate community development through global partnerships.

Our Approach

To be recognised as the leader in the international supply chain of organic food and spices, and to be an epitome of the socially-committed business model by both providing sustainable livelihood for farmers and promoting goodness through healthy food.