Baked Roasted Cashews

With football season in full swing, our homes are buzzing with excitement as we cheer for our favourites shout for goals, bite our nails and  break our knuckles as the game progresses.  But an inevitable part of this ritual as we stay glued to the TV screen is the SNACK.

Popcorns, Nachos, chicken pops, and fried chips are the go-to snacks for everyone. But are these healthy? Why do you want to risk your health after football?

Our Baked Spicy Roasted Cashews is a quick munchie that is easy to make and snack during the tough hours of the match. These can be prepared real soon – in less than 10 minutes – and it’s healthy too.

Grab a packet of the best cashews available from your pantry and try this easy oven-baked recipe. You can be creative and add seasonings such as Mexicano or Italian herbs like Rosemary or Thyme to suit your taste buds or to utilise the available resources in your pantry, checkout

The Extra Virgin Coconut Oil will aid in reducing cholesterol and the fear of getting a medical result with high cholesterol levels after the football match can be forgotten You need to be cautious while roasting your cashews in oven, to make sure that they don’t get burnt, check useful source.

This is a go-to easy snack to munch on while enjoying your FIFA World Cup 2018.



400 gm Only Organic Cashew Nuts

1 Tbsp Only Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

1 Tbsp finely chopped fresh coriander leaves

Salt to taste

1 tsp mild chili powder or Hot Paprika

1 tsp roughly ground Only Organic Black Pepper Powder (mild hot)

Preparation Method

Preheat oven at 200 degree Celsius for 10 minutes.

Line baking tray with aluminum foil.

Spread the Only Organic cashews on the baking sheet and bake at 200 degree Celsius for approximately 7-9 minutes or until they are golden brown in colour.

In a small saucepan, heat the Only Organic Virgin Coconut Oil on low flame and add seasonings.

Once the cashews are ready, transfer to a large bowl and add the seasonings until they have evenly coated the cashews.

Serve it hot for better flavor.

Nutrition Facts

Total calories -2504 kcal

Protein – 84 g

Cashew nut is high in calories and protein.

Rich in Vitamin E, minerals, and antioxidants.


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