pomengranate milkshake

Pomegranate Milkshake recipe

As summer is arriving, we decided to concentrate on summer special recipes. Pomegranate milkshake is an easy and healthy recipe which can  be prepared in a few minutes. It is also a wonderful recipe to beat the summer heat. Preparation Time : 10 Minutes Ingredients : Pomegranate seeds – 1 cup Chilled Milk   – 2 cups Organic Cardamom- 2 nos Honey      – 2 tbsp Preparation : Cut the pomegranate vertically and remove the seeds into a bowl. Take a blender and place the pomegranate seeds, blend it. Strain [...]

Avocado Filter Coffee smoothie

Avocado Filter Coffee Smoothie

Avocado is one of perfect nutrient rich fruit which makes it famous among health conscious people. Avocado comes in category of superfoods. Coffee avocado milkshake is an Indonesian drink and is very popular. Avocado Filter coffee Smoothie is super easy recipe only things you need the ingredients and a blender. Ingredients : Avocado – 1 Brewed coffee – 200 ml Condensed milk – 2 tsp Vanilla essence – ¾ tsp Ice cubes Preparation : Brew a cup of coffee, here we used Cafe de Monde Filter Coffee. Meanwhile take [...]


Watermelon Black Pepper Juice

Watermelon juice is a refreshing drink. During summers, a cup of watermelon juice can detoxify the body and boost your energy. Watermelon has many health benefits. It helps to hydrate, as it is a combination of water and fibre. It also contains  loads of nutrients like Vitamin A. Ingredients 1 cup Of watermelon cubes 1 – 2 tsp sugar A pinch of Black Pepper powder A pinch of salt Take a watermelon and cut into small cubes. Take off the seeds and grind the pieces of [...]


Ginger Green Coffee for Weight Loss

Green coffee powder is made from unroasted green coffee beans that contain chlorogenic acid which is lacking in normal coffee beans due to the process of roasting of beans. Research indicates that chlorogenic acid helps to reduce weight. So while experimenting on different varieties of coffee we decided to combine two products that have weight loss property i.e. Organic Green Coffee powder and Organic Ginger powder. Ingredients (For one cup) Hot water – 150 ml Organic Green Coffee powder- 50 g Organic Ginger powder [...]


Benefits of Organic Turmeric Powder

Benefits of turmeric powder Turmeric is one of most used spices in India. It has many health benefits which make it one of most used product in the country. Here we are listing benefits of turmeric powder. Antiseptic Properties  Turmeric contains a compound called curcuminoids. Curcumin is rich in antioxidants. Normal turmeric consists of 3% of curcumin while Alleppey turmeric consists of 5% of curcumin which make it high in demand. Boost your immunity  Haldi milk is one of most used recipe in [...]

virgin coconut oil

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil Virgin Coconut Oil is obtained by cold process method. Unlike coconut oil, virgin coconut oil is very healthy which make it unique and popular among health conscious people. Here we are listing some of benefits of organic virgin coconut oil. Boost your immunity  Virgin Coconut Oil has the property to boost your immune system. It has anti inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. For your skin For many years coconut oil has been used as a moisturizer. Compared to coconut [...]