Quality Assurance and Certifications

Successful agri-food business is primarily based on quality and safety of food products. Accredited and approved food safety standards and certification ensure credibility, quality and legal compliance that facilitate trading in agri-food business.

Being a leading organic spices manufacturer and exporter, Plantrich regularly conducts inspections to ensure that its organic products meet the international standards in quality, size, quantity and packaging apart from periodical quality assurance on taste, texture, colour and aroma of the organically-certified products.

Plantrich is committed to maintaining a hygienic and healthy environment for the production and storage of organic spices and other agri products. Regular tests are done on the chemical microbiological and allergen parameters of the organic ingredients. To adhere to the stringent quality standards, Plantrich provides training and support to the employees and organic farming community, stressing on the commitment to ensure 100% quality in manufacturing, processing and supply of organic spices and other agri-food products. Annual compliance audits at Plantrich ensure credible food safety certification and trusted customer relations.