Cinnamon, which goes by the botanical name Cinnamomum Verum, is the dried inner stem bark of mature cinnamon shoots and is one of the oldest known spices. Plantrich Organic Cinnamon has a delicate fragrance and a warm agreeable taste, and therefore, is widely used in flavouring confectionery, liquors, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

One of the biggest suppliers of organic spices in India, Plantrich’s high-quality cinnamon is supplied in domestic and international organic spices market as it is a preferred ingredient in meat and curry dishes of the East, baked goodies and hot beverages in the West.

Plantrich Organic Cinnamon is sourced from the farms in the Western Ghats in Kerala. Cinnamon plants are considered mature and ready for harvest at two years of age when they typically measure about two metres high and 8-12 cm width at the base. Cinnamon bark is only obtained from stems that are between 1.2 and 5cm in diameter. A year before harvest, the plant is cut back to the size of a stump and covered with soil, causing it to grow new shoots, which are used to make Plantrich Organic Cinnamon. The shoots are stripped of the bark and the peels are set out to dry in the sun, cut into sticks and packed in hygienic conditions following quality parameters. The ideal temperature for growing Plantrich Organic Cinnamon is between 20-30 degree Celsius and a rainfall between 1250 to 2500 mm.

Plantrich being one of the biggest suppliers of organic cinnamon, processing of high-quality is a labour-intensive process as the removal of bark from the stem is usually done by hand by skilled labourers. Cinnamon branches which turn brown and are 1 to 2 cm thick are cut May and November, collected, bundled above the other and pressed. The piled-up barks are covered with dried leaves or mats to preserve moisture for next day and to aid slight fermentation. The outer skin is later scrapped off with a curved knife and rolled to form quills. After drying for four to five days, the quills are rolled on a board and placed in subdued sunlight for further drying. The organic-certified cinnamon bulk is then packed for export and supply at organic markets in and outside India.

Plantrich Organic Cinnamon, which is rich in antioxidants, fights conditions such as heart disease, cancer and premature aging. It’s antimicrobial, antiseptic, antifungal, antibiotic, stimulant and astringent properties, make it effective in treating infections. Plantrich Organic Cinnamon is used to aid digestion in diabetics. It is an astringent, whose properties can check nausea and vomiting. Cinnamon bark oil is widely used in perfumery and cosmetics.