Coffee manufacturers

Kerala is the largest coffee manufacturer in India, only behind Karnataka. Contributing to nearly 25% of India’s coffee production, superior quality coffee in Kerala is grown in the Western Ghats. Plantrich’s popular coffee varieties include flavoursome Arabica beans sourced from Keezhanthoor in Idukki and the finest Robusta parchment and cherry variants, which makes the company the top coffee manufacturer in South India.

Export-quality coffee raised at the high-range hamlets and forest areas in the Western Ghats, one of the top biodiversity hotspots in the world. Organic coffee grown under different shade trees species are nutrient-rich and fresh for its proper, hygienic and timely processing. Mature coffee berries ripened properly reflect the quality of Plantrich organic coffee in a smooth cup of energy. Quality is what makes Plantrich the most sought-after coffee export company.

Organic-certified Plantrich coffee is noted for its sweetish aroma, medium acidity, pleasant flavour and dash of spice. Arabica coffee, with its delicate flavour, sweetness and aroma has more beverage value and hence, leads the coffee export from the leading coffee manufacturer. Robusta has a harsher and stronger taste with a grainy essence and peanut-like aftertaste.

Arabica Coffee needs more labour and care as compared to other varieties of coffee. Production and processing with utmost care decides the quality of Plantrich organic Coffee.

Harvested organic-certified coffee beans are processed at the sophisticated facility of Plantrich. Washed in a well-calibrated eco pulper to remove the berry mucilage from the beans, the process shifts to drying of the mucilage-free parchment in African Type Elevated Net. Uniform washing and drying ensure proper fermentation, grading and flavour. These are the Plantrich coffee bean varieties favoured in the global market:

Washed Arabica Unwashed Arabica Washed Robusta Unwashed Robusta
Organic Arabica plantation  AAA Organic Arabica Natural   AAA Robusta Kappy Royale Robusta cherryAA
Organic Arabica Plantation AA Organic Arabica Natural   AA Robusta Parchment A Robusta cherryA
Organic Arabica Plantation A Organic Arabica Natural   A Robusta Parchment AB Robusta cherryAB