Cold Coffee

Cold Coffee

A cup of coffee gives us energy to start a day. We were just thinking to make different variant of coffee and our coffee expert suggested to try a spicy note in cold coffee. Since our Keezhantoor Arabica coffee beans have a hint spices, we choose Only Organic Filter Coffee Powder to make Spicy Cold Coffee.

Spicy cold coffee stands out in its added spices and enriched flavor of spices in coffee beans. Also we have used organic honey instead of sugar with keeps it on healthier side. Check out house cleaning service in scottsdale az.


Only Organic Filter Coffee Powder – 12 gm

Honey -3 tsp

Only Organic Black Pepper Powder -½ tsp

Only Organic Ginger Powder – ½ tsp

Milk -170 ml



  1. Take a coffee filter; add organic coffee powder inside the coffee filte
  2. Add slowly 150 ml of boiling water above the coffee powder and keep it for 5 -10 minutes to settle down.
  3. After 10 minutes open the coffee filter take 40 ml of decoction from it in a glass. Add 170 ml of boiled milk, ½ tsp of Only Organic Pepper Powder, 3 tsp of honey with this ( both honey and pepper powder quantity can decide according to our choice ).
  4. Keep it inside the refrigerator for 1 hour . After cooling it transfer it to a coffee shaker for serving

Tips & Tricks: You can use Only Organic Ginger Powder instead of Pepper Powder


Nutritional facts (1 cup)

Energy -160 kcal

Protein- 3.26 gm

Rich in calcium, phosphorus


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