Espresso Coffee Milkshake – Coffee Milkshake Day Special

Espresso Coffee Milkshake – Coffee Milkshake Day Special

Almost everyone loves coffee and a daily morning cup of coffee is more than an early morning pick-me-up. If you are a coffee lover, you will be ready to celebrate Coffee Milkshake Day. We also decided to celebrate the day with tasty cardamom flavored Espresso Vanilla Coffee Milkshake. You do not have to go to a café or order for your favorite coffee drink from your favorite coffee joint. Preparing coffee milkshake with authentic ingredients is the key to getting the flavored coffee milkshake.

In this recipe, we have used Only Organic Espresso coffee beans, which is organically grown in the hill ranges of Keezanthoor, South India and processed with the utmost care. However, you can also use Espresso coffee powder or plain coffee powder of your favorite brand.

Our Keezhanthoor Arabica coffee beans are grown with different species of spices which help it to accumulate more nutrients in it. These coffee beans have a nutty aroma and a hint of spice that gives the Espresso Coffee Milkshake a twist. See more info at swipe n clean.

We have used a glass of chilled milk to prepare this recipe; nevertheless, a glass of half-frozen milk when beaten will give a thick cooled shake like the ones you purchase from your favorite café.

In order to make it thicker and fat rich, you could also add milk creamer, which is good for kids. It would be ideal to prepare your milk creamer at home to avoid any added preservatives.

This recipe will be perfect for your summers and during the monsoons that we are enjoying now and the caffeine content present in it is a bonus house cleaning service near me. You can easily prepare this in less than 10 minutes and keep it ready for kids after play.



Only Organic Espresso coffee beans – 25 gm

Chilled Milk – 1 glass

Vanilla ice cream – 8 scoops

Only Organic cardamom powder -¼ tsp

Organic Honey – 1 tsp

Only Organic cashew nuts (finely chopped) -1 tsp


  1. Grind the Only Organic Espresso Coffee Beans into a fine powder. Meanwhile, boil a cup of water.
  2. Mix three teaspoons of Espresso Coffee powder in half cup of hot water and stir well until the coffee powder dissolves completely and keep it aside to cool.
  3. Take a blender and pour the above mixture along with chilled milk, vanilla ice cream, and cardamom powder. Blend it to get a smooth texture.
  4. Pour it into serving glass with a scoop of ice cream on it and garnish it with coffee powder and dry fruits.

Tips & Tricks

You can add some chopped coffee beans and nuts if you prefer some crispiness in the recipe.

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