Fairtrade Global Sourcing Builds a Community at Kano, Nigeria

Fairtrade Global Sourcing Builds a Community at Kano, Nigeria

We have been certified organic since last season and around 200 smallholder farmers are cultivating ginger here. We collect ginger at a better price than the market.  In Nigeria, farmers don’t know how much about quality standards and huge lots of produce were rejected due to aflatoxin.  However, we set up a drying centre and warehouse in Kano. At our processing facility, the fresh produce undergoes washing, slicing and drying through solar tunnel drier.


The local villagers don’t have any jobs after harvest season.  Our Manager, Shyam Sunder along with our ICS manager Munzali identified eight hearing and speech impaired as well other 60 workers of whom,  many are women.

In that region, many children are not going to school as parents are taking them to their workplace.  Even 7-year girls are trying to work.  Our manager Shyam and ICS manager Munzali educated the workers about the importance of educating children and parents said they don’t have money to pay the school fees.  We decided to pay the school fees and now these girls are going to schools. We are also paying these eight hearing and speech impaired workers equal salary as the others. As we see all of them work together in a true spirit of unity, helping each other and happy to work with each other we feel rewarded. Yes, we have created a Fairtrade community here.


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