Ginger Green Coffee for Weight Loss

Ginger Green Coffee for Weight Loss

Green coffee powder is made from unroasted green coffee beans that contain chlorogenic acid which is lacking in normal coffee beans due to the process of roasting of beans. Research indicates that chlorogenic acid helps to reduce weight.

So while experimenting on different varieties of coffee we decided to combine two products that have weight loss property i.e. Organic Green Coffee powder and Organic Ginger powder.

Ingredients (For one cup)

Hot water – 150 ml

Organic Green Coffee powder- 50 g

Organic Ginger powder – 1 tsp

How to prepare

  1. Boil one cup of water.
  2. Add green coffee powder and ginger powder to it and stir.
  3. Keep it aside to cool and filter it through the coffee strainer.

Your healthy organic ginger green coffee is ready!!!

Tips & Tricks: You can cool the coffee to get healthy cold coffee.

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