Organic-certified Green Cardamom, known as Elettaria Cardamomum, is the Queen of Spices. Plantrich, a leading spice company and wholesale exporter of organic spices from India, sources high-quality organic cardamom from the Western Ghats of Kerala. The aromatic Plantrich Organic Cardamom is the seed of tropical fruit with a sweet, lemony, eucalyptus flavour and is available as powder, dried pods or loose seeds.  

Cardamom is an expensive spice, second only to saffron, and is used for flavouring various preparations of food, confectionery, beverages and liquors. Plantrich Organic Cardamom’s subtle, unrivalled taste has found favour in cuisines of the Middle East and India.

Organic-certified Cardamoms at the Kerala farms from where Plantrich procures the spices normally start bearing two years after planting. Harvest of ripe organic cardamom capsules mostly happen during October-November; picking is done at an interval of 15-25 days. After harvest, capsules are dried either in fuel kiln or electrical drier or in the sun for 14-18 hours. The organic cardamom capsules kept for drying are spread thinly and stirred frequently to ensure uniform drying. The dried capsules are rubbed with hands or coir mat or wire mesh and winnowed to remove any foreign matter, sorted out according to size and colour, and stored in black gunny bags to retain the green colour for export quality.

Plantrich Organic Cardamom is used to treat indigestion, anorexia, burning sensation, debility, asthma. A stimulant and carminative, organic cardamom is used as an aphrodisiac.