Journey of Our Coffee

Journey of Our Coffee

  • Arabica Beans Start from Keezhanthoor in Idukki District – a beautiful and remote, high-range hamlet cocooned in the Western Ghats, one of the top biodiversity hotspots in the world.
  • Keezhanthoor village in Kanthalloor Panchayat is part of Anchunad – a five-village expanse – that brings together Karayoor, Marayoor, Kottakudi, Kanthalloor and Keezhanthoor, all which are famous for their spices, coffee and aromatics.
  • They are all forest villages that lie along Mannavan Shola forest which is part of the Anamudichola National Park, a protected area. Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the twelve protected wildlife sanctuaries of Kerala lies north of Kanthalloor Panchayat.

  • Coffee is grown under different species of shade trees which helps coffee berries to mature and ripen slowly and to accumulate more nutrients which is reflected in its cup, which is full bodied and smooth.
  • The coffee gardens in this region are diversified with various spices crops see post, fruit crops and medicinal plants which influence the coffee beans to acquire unique flavor in the cup.

  • Coffee Processed Method : Washed in Eco pulper , dried in African Type Elevated Net , hence uniform washing and drying ensured
  • Organic Certified

  • The Cup exhibits sweetish aroma, medium acidity, good body, pleasant flavor and with hint of spice.



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