NAPP Starts Fairtrade Network in Philippines

NAPP Starts Fairtrade Network in Philippines

The Philippines, a beautiful nation of 7000 islands with warm, hospitable people. But poverty amongst the agrarian community is a sad reality here, posing many challenges to the journey of Fairtrade NAPP in the country.

As the Chair of NAPP, I visited the country to support our Fairtrade NAPP members. Big traders are the decision makers in Philippines, as the farmers have little access to the market. We have developed a B2B Portal for producers which serve as a bridge for communication. Now, they can upload data and Fairtrade buyers world over can contact them to engage in a direct trade relationship.

FairtradeNapp is enabling many humanitarian efforts worldwide. When trade increases, these cooperatives automatically gets more premium and thereby bring happiness to many undernourished children,  better luck to less fortunate women and progress to the underdeveloped. We are planning to start up the first banana co-op from the region.

My heartfelt thanks to NAPP CEO Kuldeep, Ms. Erica, our Regional Officer and Mr Erwin our Regional General Manager who came along with me on this journey.


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