Black Pepper

Organic Black Pepper or Piper nigrum is the most widely used spice in the world for its pungent, woody aroma and hot, biting taste. Grown in the south west region of Kerala, which holds the major pepper production in the country, Plantrich Organic Black Pepper is the only spice that is used to flavour food before, during and after cooking, as whole or ground peppercorns.

Organic-certified black pepper is harvested when the berries show scarlet red colour six to seven months after planting. Spikes are handpicked when 90% of the berries are matured, mostly from November to March. Plantrich organic black pepper varieties include the high-quality Karimunda, Thevarmunda, Vellamunda sourced from tribal settlements, Panniyoor from Rajakumary, Tellicherry and Malabar pepper.

Berries are then processed by separating from the spikes by rubbing them between the hands or trampling them under the feet. After separation, the organic-certified pepper berries are dried in the sun for 7 to 10 days until the outer skin becomes black and shrunken and assumes the characteristic wrinkled appearance of high-quality black pepper. For good quality Plantrich organic black pepper of uniform colour, which is widely exported, the separated berries are collected in a perforated bamboo basket or vessel which is dipped in boiling water for one minute. The basket is then taken out and drained. The treated berries are sun dried on a clean bamboo mat or cement floor.

A dash of ground Plantrich organic black pepper is used as seasoning in cooked meat, poultry and vegetables. One of the most favoured spices worldwide, Black Pepper is exported across the globe by Plantrich, the leading organic spice supplier for its health benefits too. A rich source of minerals and nutrients, Plantrich organic black pepper stimulates senses, taste buds, affects many body systems positively, increases metabolism and strength, prevents constipation, weight loss, cancer and skin diseases.