Turmeric Export

Plantrich Organic Turmeric, which goes by the scientific name Curcuma Longa, is known as ‘Indian saffron’ for it’s flavouring, healing and medicinal properties. An important spice crop in India, Plantrich Organic Turmeric is a popular ingredient sought after by the global culinary, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. Plantrich sources from the Western Ghats the finest turmeric which has a strain of the famous Alappey Turmeric.

Plantrich Organic Turmeric derives from the root of Curcuma longa, a long, leafy bright green plant from ginger family with pale yellow flowers borne on dense spikes. It’s bright yellow colour, pungent flavour, warm and earthy aroma and antiseptic properties make organic turmeric one of the most-favoured export products from Plantrich, which, as the most preferred organic spices supplier in India, delivers high-quality organic turmeric to countries across the globe.

A sacred spice in India, Organic Turmeric is used as a condiment, flavouring and colouring agent and is a crucial ingredient in Indian cuisine as a natural food additive and colourant. Used in curries, fish dishes and with beans, Plantrich Organic Turmeric, if used too much, makes the dish bitter.

At Plantrich, Organic Turmeric is harvested and processed in safe and hygienic premises. Organic Turmeric is grown in raised beds and harvesting is done both manually and using a tractor. The harvested turmeric is collected manually and processed by boiling, drying and polishing.

Boiling done using steam boiling technique happens at Plantrich facility over three to four days after the harvest. The fingers and bulbs are separated and cooked separately. Boiling takes off the raw odour from the turmeric and yields uniformly coloured product. After boiling, the cooked organic turmeric is dried in the sun by spreading in thick layers on a clean surface to avoid any contamination. Drying is done using solar tunnel dryers covered by UV stabilized semi-transparent polyfilm sheets of 200 microns thickness. The rough dull outer surface of dried turmeric is then improved by smoothening and polishing the outer surface using hand-operated barrel or power-operated drums.

Indian turmeric is considered to be the best in the world and a large portion is therefore exported. Plantrich being one of the biggest suppliers of organic turmeric, ensures that their export-quality organic turmeric is devoid of all contaminants.

According to international researches, Plantrich Organic Turmeric has incredible digestive properties, inhibits blood clotting, reduces liver toxins, helps the liver metabolize fats and so aids weight loss.