Empowering Farmers

Welcome to Plantrich

A leading agribusiness company based in the lush green southern state of Kerala in India, Plantrich Agritech Private Limited is a prominent Indian spices manufacturer and exporter which takes the flavours and aroma of the organic riches of the Western Ghats to the global market. Committed to sustainable living, healthy eating, ethical farming and ecological protection, Plantrich has been supporting the local economy of Kerala by empowering farmers with a fairtrade system, directly procuring from them sustainably harvested organic products like spices, coffee, cocoa, coconut products and herbs from the exquisite biodiversity hotspots in Kerala.

The spice company’s inclusive mission covers the whole planet. Plantrich believes that organic food contributes to healthy living by boosting the immune system in humans and bringing about a much-required balance to the environment. Consumption of organic food, according to epidemiological studies, positively impacts immunity, fertility, weight and growth due to its nutritional values and beneficial health advantages.

By sourcing quality organic and fairtrade products from over 5,000 farmers in the villages of Kottayam and Idukki of Kerala, Plantrich has become a prominent name among Indian spices manufacturers, exporters and wholesale spices suppliers. The ethical agriculture practices and international-level processing follow USDA National Organic Program (NOP) standards and are certified by EU, Fairtrade, Natureland and Rainforest Alliance.

As part of minimising the gender gap in the agriculture sector and providing financial independence to women, Plantrich has been supportive of women farmers and labourers who are the backbone of our business. Plantrich’s farmers’ cooperative is led by vibrant women whose earnest activities of pesticide-free and chemical-free practices have taken the company’s name to the international organic market as a reputed wholesale spices supplier from the land of agriculture.

As a leading global spices manufacturer and exporter, Plantrich has been able to establish a huge customer base across India, Europe, the US, and the Middle East.

Our Values


Our business model allows all parties to participate in a fully traceable and fair trade chain, from our farmers to our factory and on to our customers. Everyone has a part to play in supporting a sustainable environment.


Plantrich Agri Tech has large warehouse facilities in Kerala, promptly delivering stock to our customers in over 25 countries worldwide.


Our Process