Sustainability measures for a brighter tomorrow

Sustainability is the motto of our business at Plantrich Agritech Private Limited.  Committed to social responsibility, each journey we embark on will have its results as a sustainable solution to protect the planet and the living beings. We also strive hard to constantly learn and unlearn as part of fair practices towards the community and Mother Earth.

Commitment towards energy-efficiency

All the processing facilities of Plantrich Agritech Private Limited across Kerala are cautiously functioning to cut down carbon footprint by replacing fossil fuels with thermic fluid sheet energy for processes like drying. All our equipment is energy-efficient and wherever possible, we depend on renewable energy sources.

Green office and premises

At Plantrich Agritech Private Limited, from buildings to décor, the focus is on eco-friendliness. By trying our level best to incorporate green materials and design to our office construction and ambience, we ensure that our mission reflects through practice.

Our building is constructed using clay bricks that let in natural light and air to the well-ventilated structure.

The building raised on steel girders and constructed with minimum sand and cement has minimal air-conditioning and electric lights. Our office reflects green, even in the literal sense, with trees and organic vegetables adorning our premises.

The organic plants in grow bags are fed manure from our office compost unit, which recycles all the biodegradable waste. Rainwater harvesting makes use of the water from the terrace which, after filtering and de-silting reaches the recharge wells that nourish our office.

Fight against Climate Change

Climate change being one of the biggest threats to our planet, Plantrich Agritech Private Limited is on a continuous mission to motivate our farmers to combat climate change in the best possible way.  We impart training to all our producers to opt energy-efficient practices and offer them cost-effective and scalable solutions to bank on renewable energy.

We drive mass campaigns on healthy food and inspire people to buy organic and locally-grown produce apart from promoting organic vegetable gardening among the local community with an aim to reduce carbon footprint.

Manarcadu Social Service Society (MASS), the Fairtrade farmers’ co-operative Plantrich promotes, has started an International Sustainable Academy in the Western Ghats to encourage sustainability education. Research and Studies undertaken by the academy would also be part of the global fight against climate change.

Support to Farming Community

Our 5000 member farming community is our greatest strength and we have created a Fairtade cooperative named MASS to empower this community which is dominated by women and tribal farmers. As a result of the outstanding contributions of this co-op to the Fairtrade movement in India, its President, Bijumon Kurian who is also the MD of Plantrich was awarded the Biggest Fairtrade Fan Award by Fairtrade International in 2016.

Promotion of Gender Equality

Plantrich Agritech Private Limited is committed to bringing the gender gap in society and hence has been supporting both men and women farmers equally. Our farmers’ co-operative is dominated by vibrant women farmers whose strong role has helped earn us international recognition.