Sustainability Drive

At Plantrich, we are passionate about sustainability. We weigh our each action and thought by checking whether it is the right thing for our planet. We constantly try to improve ourselves and do the fair thing to our community and earth.


At our processing facilities all over Kerala, we avoid burning of fossil fuels to reduce carbon footprint and instead utilise thermic fluid sheet energy for processes like drying. All our equipment are energy-efficient and wherever possible we use renewable energy.

Earth-friendly Office

At Plantrich, even our buildings breathe green.  We have tried our level best to incorporate green materials and design into our office.

Our building is constructed with clay bricks incorporating light and air into its very structure. Natural daylight and ventilation drives the flow of light and air into the spacious facility, reducing the need for air-conditioning and electric lights and thereby making it an ecofriendly office. The building has been raised on steel girders with minimal use of sand and cement causing less damage to our earth.

All around our office we grow trees and organic vegetables in grow bags which are fed manure from our office compost unit, where all the waste from our office including shredded paper and coffee grounds end up.  Rainwater that travels down our office roofs and terraces are filtered and de-silted into recharge wells that nourish our office well, thus building an efficient rainwater harvesting system in our office.

Climate Change

Climate change is one of the biggest threats to our planet and we at Plantrich constantly try to re-equip our producers to combat the vagaries climate change in the best way possible.  We train all our producers to become energy-efficient and provide them cost-effective and scalable solutions to create renewable energy.

We also drive mass campaigns on healthy food and inspire people to buy organic and locally grown foods.  We also promote organic vegetable gardening amongst our local community as part of our vision to reduce carbon footprint.

MASS, the co-op that Plantrich promotes, has started an International Sustainable Academy in the Western Ghats to encourage Sustainability Education. Research and Studies undertaken by the academy would also help fight climate change globally.

Community Support

Our 5000 member farming community is our greatest strength and we have created a Fairtade cooperative named MASS to empower this community which is dominated by women and tribal farmers. As a result of the outstanding contributions of this co-op to the Fairtrade movement in India, its President, Bijumon Kurian who is also the MD of Plantrich was awarded the Biggest Fairtrade Fan Award by Fairtrade International in 2016.

Gender Equality

We support both our men and women farmers equally and some of our produce is created entirely by women. Our farmers’ co-op is dominated by vibrant women farers and they have played a strong role in earning our co-op international recognition.