Fairtrade Award & Achievements

The prestigious ‘Biggest Fairtrade Fan’ award was presented to Mr. Bijumon Kurian (MD Plantrich Agritech& Chairman, MASS) by Fairtrade International in 2016.

The award is a recognition of our unstinted efforts in promoting theinterests of KeralaFarmers, through fair price initiatives. The august gathering highlighted Plantrich’s commitment to supplying healthy organic food to global communities.

Guided by Fairtrade values, Plantrich Agritech is the leading Indian exporter of Organic Coffee and Spices. We exportGermany, The Netherlands, The UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Canada, The USA, Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.

Our in-house Quality Assurance talent and community Cooperatives embrace and implement sustainability initiatives, ensuring top- notch quality and traceability. Bringing Fairtrade certified products to the world’s doorstep is our passion.