Our Team

Bijumon Kurian

Bijumon Kurian is a green evangelist and social entrepreneur who has redefined the sustainable farming scenario in Asia. He is the President of MASS, Manarcadu Social Service Society, a first-of its-kind Fairtrade farmers’ co-operative in India. A die-hard organic farming enthusiast, he has won many international and national accolades like Biggest Fairtrade Fan (2016) and Best Entrepreneur Award (2004) from the Government of Kerala, India.

Sheena Susan Varghese

Sheena Susan Varghese who has 15 years of experience in the field of agriculture and horticulture, works specifically on women empowerment and gender equality. Her work has had a huge impact on the village Mariyapuram of Kerala, where she leads a team of 430 women farmers and 37 women labourers in the farming and production of organic spices and coffee.


A fully-committed full-fledged team of employees in the departments of Human Resource, Marketing & Communication, Operations, Production, Quality Control, Research & Development, Finance and Accounts, Team strive hard harmoniously maintaining ethical standards to achieve our vision of a sustainable and organic world.

Human Resource /Admin

Plantrich’s efficient Human Resources team of seasoned experts works towards the legal, efficient and strategic operations by empowering human talent and development of the company.

Contact: Seetha Dileep Thampi


Plantrich’s well-experienced international marketing department promotes and establishes the organic spices business across the globe, and coordinates all products and services representing the organic spices trade.

Contact: Retina Anish


Plantrich’s operations team ensures proper and timely logistic services and that the organic spices are delivered to the customers on time with all supporting documents.

Contact: Sumesh M.S. (For logistics)


The vibrant communication team works towards establishing the brand Plantrich, promoting the products and services, encouraging the consumers, and effectively coordinating between various departments by managing internal communications.

Contact: Sai Prasanth S

Coffee QC

Organic coffee in a field where tremendous research and innovations happen on a day-to-day basis. The Coffee Quality Control department plays a great role in developing varieties of organic coffee.

Contact: Shonitha


Our dedicated Finance team is responsible for developing financial plans and strategies for the growth of our organization.


The effort of the accounts team is crucial in the systematic tracking of cash flow and transactions like billing and recording at Plantrich.

Contact: Sony Chacko


The Plantrich production team has the responsibility to ensure that the sourced organic raw materials are made into finished value-added goods by complying with quality, hygiene and international standards EU regulation 834/213, USDA, NPOP and FSSAI.

Contact: Vipin Mohan

Research & Development

The R&D wing at Plantrich plays an integral role in developing new products through extensive product and market research.


Plantrich’s central warehouses are located in Andipatti at Theni district of Tamil Nadu to ensure that the organic farmers from whom the organic spices and other raw materials are sourced are at close proximity to the company facilities.

Contact: Shyam Sundar