Bijumon Kurian is a green evangelist and social entrepreneur who has redefined the sustainable farming scenario in Asia. He is the President of MASS, Manarcadu Social Service Society, a first-of its-kind Fairtrade farmers’ co-operative in India. A die-hard organic farming enthusiast, he has won many international and national accolades like Biggest Fairtrade Fan (2016) and Best Entrepreneur Award (2004)  from the Government of Kerala, India.

Bijumon Kurian

(Managing Director)

Ms. Sheena Susan Varghese , Director, Plantrich Agri Tech (p)Ltd has 15 years handful experience in the field of Agriculture and Horticulture. She works with specific on Women Empowerment and Gender Equality and has made a huge impact in her Project Area. Currently, she leads a team of 430 Women Farmers and 37 Women workers in the field as well the Production Facility of spices and coffee.

Sheena Susan Biju



Communication and Training

Bijumon is a vibrant and powerful communicator who can inspire and motivate people to becoming self-sufficient. He can also convey and convert long-term vision and strategies to successful delivery.

Technical Skills

Bijumon is skilled in Organic Farming, Organic and Bio Fertilizers production , Spice & Coffee processing.


Bijumon has extensive knowledge in organic farming certifications and in-depth knowledge of the trade laws of various countries and standards (EU, USDA and NPOP, ILO, HACCP & Fair-trade standards).

Computer and Internet Skills

Proficient in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, Bijumon maintains an active presence in social media – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook (with large follower base) and blogs.


B. Sc Chemistry, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India.

Bijumon’s family roots in agriculture and education has helped him gain a thorough understanding and experience in organic agriculture. He mainly works with small-holding farmers, farm workers, women self-help groups, tribal communities and youngsters to promote sustainable agriculture. His vision for MASS, which he founded in the year 2001, drives him to take strategic steps in developing the socio-economic status of Coffee and Spices Growers in and around Kottayam, Kerala and Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu through initiation of organic farming and sustainable agriculture projects. From 1998, Bijumon has been sharing his horticulture and sustainable farming expertise in growing natural, organic and Fairtrade produces across south India.

Bijumon is the Managing Director of Plantrich Agritech Pvt Ltd which is a international supplier of organic and Faritrade spices, coffee, coconut, cocoa and other food ingredients to premier brands throughout the world.

Education and Special Training
Bijumon has a Diploma in Business Administration and a Bachelors degree in Chemistry from Mahatma Gandhi University.
He has also received special training in:

  • Skill Development in Organic farming by Control Union India
  • Spices Value Addition by Spices Board, CFTRA
  • Coffee Practices by Coffee Board
  • Effective International Marketing and Strategic Planning of Producers at SES, Germany and PUM Netherlands.

Social Affiliations

A passionate Rotarian, Bijumon started his Rotary journey at Kottayam East in 2008. He served as the District RYLA chairman in 2011 and 2014, President in 2012-13 and Assistant Governor in 2016-’17. Bijumon was awarded the overall Best Club President in 2013 during which he brainchilded Clean Green Kottayam, a signature project involving Kottayam Municipality, Malayala Manorama and many other public institutions to make Kottayam a clean city in 2013.  He is the Chairman of REAP, the green initiative of District 3211 which aims to create a pesticide free Kerala.

Bijumon has also been active in Junior Chamber International, a world-wide youth organization, where he was President (2004) of Kottayam Junior Chamber and Zone Vice-President (2005). He received the Outstanding Young Indian award 2003 of Zone 22 of Jaycees more on http://iowasaturdayschool.com/.


We have an experienced team of committed employees consisting of Human Resource Officers, Marketing Officers, Operation Executives, Supply Chain Officers, Quality Control Officers, Research & Development Experts, Finance Officers, Accounts Officers, Production Executives and a Communication Team fully equipped to achieve our vision.

Human Resource /Admin

We have a committed Human Resource team who always strives for the growth and development of  the organisation by empowering human talent. Please contact Ms. Archana Mohan or Ms. Selma Raju at hrd@plantrich.com or hrm@plantrich.com


We have a well experienced marketing department who looks after our marketing operations. For retail contact Mr. Rana P Kurien at sales@plantrich.com or sheeja A at digitalmarketing@plantrich.com.

Operations and Purchase

Our operations team is fully committed to ensure that the materials are delivered to our customers at the right time with all supporting documents. Contact Mr. Sumesh MS at plantrich@plantrich.com and Mr.Tibin Thomas at operations@plantrich.com. For logistic contact Mr. Jacob Itty Tharayil at supplychain@plantrich.com. For Purchase contact Mr. Prasanth K S at purchase@plantrich.com.

Supply Chain

We also have our offices/collection centers in various locations of South India for collection of fresh materials directly from the farmers.

Quality Control

We have fully equipped Quality Control labs with accredited systems to ensure 100% quality of our products.  Contact Mr. Akhilesh M. Nair / Ms Sandhya K S/ Ms Ancy Mary Joy at research@plantrich.com

Research & Development

The entire team has an integral role in developing  new products through extensive product and market research.  Contact Mr. Akhilesh M. Nair/ Ms. Sandhya K S / Ms. Ancy Mary Joy at research@plantrich.com  

Coffee QC

Research activities are going on, in the field of speciality coffee, Please contact Mr.Vishak K S or Ms. Shonitha at coffeeqc@plantrich.com for the same. 


Our  dedicated Finance team is responsible for developing financial plans and strategies for the growth of our organization.  Contact Ms. Maria ann George at financecontroller@plantrich.com


The effort of accounts team is crucial in  recording and reporting the cash flow transactions of our company systematically.Contact  Internal auditor Mr.Subin Babu at finance@plantrich.com and Ms.Rahna Raj at operationspat@plantrich.com and Ms.Sreeja PS or Mr.Sony Chacko at  accounts@plantrich.com  respectively.


The  production team has a vital role in the process of turning raw materials into products  efficiently and accurately as per EU regulation 834 / 213 that can be traced from the farm to the finished goods.  Contact Mr. Vipin Mohan/Mr Benny P Joseph/Mr. Bibin Sugunan at factory@plantrich.com.

Information Technology

We have an effective Information Technology (IT) Department which is dedicated to deliver high quality Technical/Software services.  Contact Mr. Sumesh M S at system@plantrich.com

Project Control

To monitor the forthcoming projects and maintenance of equipments, we have a project engineering cell. Contact   project@plantrich.com.

Social Media

We have a well equipped  social media department who strives to bring the activities to the outside world.
Contact Mr. Sumesh M S at and Ms.Sheeja A at digitalmarketing@plantrich.com / media@plantrich.com


Our communication team which work closely with other departments to ensure it understands the dynamics of the organization and the information that needs to be communicated. Contact Mr. Sumesh M S at system@plantrich.com


Our central warehouses are located in Theni with immediate access to the farmers of surrounding area. Contact Mr. Shyam Sundar at theni@plantrich.com

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