Plantrich organic cocoa is known for its quality flavour and purity.


Western Ghats of India

Common Uses

As food ingredients in chocolates, toppings, confectioneries, baked goods and desserts. As pharmaceutical ingredients in natural medicinal compounds. As cosmetic ingredients in makeup, anti-aging formulations and moisturizing creams, lotions, soaps and hair products, especially masks.


  • Dried Cocoa Beans

Packing Options

50 Kg Jute Bag 60 Kg Jute Bag

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All over the world, most of the cocoa farmers are smallholders. The small-scale organic cocoa farmers at the Western Ghats produce high-quality, zero-chemical cocoa in a sustainable manner. The handpicked beans are collected and processed by Plantrich, the leading wholesale manufacturer, supplier and exporter of cocoa from India, and are sold at reasonable prices to support farmers and to ensure delivery of quality products to its customers worldwide.

Plantrich organic cocoa is known for its quality flavour and purity. Well-cleaned, fermented and graded under safe and hygienic circumstances, the organic-certified cocoa products from Plantrich meet with global specifications of quality standards. The tropical crop is cultivated at altitudes up to 1150 metres above sea level in nutrient-rich soil. After harvest, cocoa pod fermentation is done; each pod yields 30 to 35 beans which are fermented, dried, graded and packed for export by Plantrich. Proper fermentation ensures the slightly bittery chocolate flavour and the soothing aroma of the cocoa beans.

Fermented Plantrich organic cocoas are dried under the sun by spreading those in a thin layer over a bamboo mat or cement floor till moisture drops to six or seven percent. During monsoons, artificial dryers replace sun-drying mechanisms. Beans dried for two to three days for better quality. After shaking produces a metallic sound and quality checks, Plantrich organic cocoa is packed, ready to be exported.

Cocoa is used to prepare cocoa butter, chocolates, soaps and creams. An ingredient in baked goods, medicines, cosmetics and for therapy, Plantrich organic cocoa contains high amounts of antioxidants, fights obesity, cholesterol, skin diseases, blood pressure, asthma, nutrient deficiency, depression and mood swings and contributes to a healthy heart.