Mace Spices

Plantrich Organic Mace is exported to various countries for its quality and distinct flavour.


Western Ghats of India

Common Uses

Spices/ herbal, Culinary use


  • Organic Mace Whole
  • Organic Mace Ground

Packing Options

8Kg Paper Carton Box

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Plantrich Organic Mace is exported to various countries for its quality and distinct flavour. Mace aka Mysristica fragrans is an organic spice sourced from nutmeg seed. The crimson coloured aril of nutmeg seeds, mace has a slightly warm flavour and fragrance which lends an old-world spicy aroma and taste to baked, fish and meat, macaroni and cheese dishes. Used as dried mace, it is used in preserving and pickling.

Processed nutmeg, in fact, gives two spice products – mace arils and nutmeg kernels, both of which have distinctive flavour and aroma that suits various dishes in international cuisines. Plantrich Organic Mace has a higher concentration of certain essential oils and features, that give it an intense aroma than nutmeg.

Ripened nutmeg fruit splits open through its bottom end to reveal a single, oval-shaped hard kernel, ‘nutmeg’, in the centre. Firmly close to the kernel is crimson-coloured, layered arils, which, when dried, becomes Plantrich Organic Mace. This aril is carefully peeled off from the kernel by hand and dried under shade or in a hot dryer machine for a couple of days in hygienic conditions. Dried mace aril blades when turned amber are processed and graded at Plantrich’s high-quality plants before packaging and export.

Plantrich Organic Mace is favoured as an aromatic agent that enhances the colour, taste and flavour of dishes. It’s used in a wide variety of dishes, especially, in sweet dishes like pastries, donuts and cakes, savoury Indian dishes, Moroccan cuisine, stews, soups, sauces, etc.

On the health benefits front, Plantrich Organic Mace aids digestive health, blood circulation, appetite and maintains proper dental health, keeping bad breath at bay. Less in calories and higher in health-benefiting antioxidants, essential oils, minerals and vitamins, Organic Mace has many therapeutic properties, including anti-fungal, anti-depressant, aphrodisiac, digestive and carminative properties.